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On procrastination

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I learned recently : if I am procrastinating then I may have a challenging problem somewhere that I am avoiding.

I tend to be pretty good at knowing when I procrastinate. Certain habits or certain rituals – I just know that I am procrastinating.

For me, it gets tricky when procrastinating is me working on a personal project. I like creating; it keeps me busy; and I am following my passions. How can that be procrastinating!? Some activities do not seem like a procrastinating activity at first.

So instead of being mad at myself for procrastinating I started to ask myself why I am procrastinating. As a result, this enables me to :

  1. catch myself in the middle of procrastinating
  2. figure out what it is that I am avoiding
  3. decide if to continue procrastinating

Procrastination doesn’t have to be negative.

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