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As I continue my path as a software craftsman, I will try to maintain an ongoing record of my work. I’m always happy to chat about my current or previous work. It is listed in no particular order at this moment. Thus, this page itself is a work in progress.

Statistics Canada

2020 - Present

Web application developer.

Technologies used to build : JavaScript, HTML5, CSS5, Adobe ColdFusion

2016 - 2020

Work on a custom enterprise e-learning platform. This work includes new feature work, maintenance, and regression testing. In addition to platform maintenance, I create e-learning content using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for clients. Ensure that the work is WCAG accessible and language compliant.

Regular communications to keep client relations via emails, telephone, or in person. Moreover, I was given the opportunity to apply my software engineering chops in the research and development of platform modernization. This included requirements gathering, company outreach, and off-the-shelf enterprise software evaluation.

Technologies used to build : JavaScript, HTML5, CSS5, VB.NET, ASP.NET



2019 - Present

Wordpress platform modified to be an e-commerce store. Stripe checkout for recurring memberships for supporters. Discource forums platform. See lastminutelaura.ca.

Technologies used to build : Wordpress, Stripe, Discource, Linode VPS


Daily Vibes

November 2017 - December 2019

Solo developer project. iOS app that was in the Apple store for two years. Currently offline and on pause. I’ve documented the building of my application in real time online.

From the idea to the requirements phase all the way until the currently paused state of the software, I was social about promoting the process of software development. This included socially sharing my product design process and product development; SEO in the apple store and social; marketing; and much much more.

Technologies used to build : Native Swift, Core Data, Xcode, Git, Sketch, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, worked on the app during iOS 10 to iOS 13.

Code samples :

  1. Swift Code Sample
  2. Reactjs + Javascript Code Sample
  3. dailyvibes.ca website Code Sample

Screenshots :

daily vibes screenshots

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot



July 2017 - October 2019

Solo developer project. Web application. Responsible for product and design development. Software created to monitor performance of long term care homes by using media mentions and leaving reviews. Non-biased reviews within constraints of human social interactions. Offline until further notice.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Elasticsearch, DigitalOcean VPS, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Cron jobs, Git, Github, Puppeteer

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ihatecoding screenshot

ih8coding podcast experiment

February - April 2019

Six episode podcast series surrounding the intersection of software, business, and people. Some language may not be suitable for work environments.

screenhole image


April 2018 - August 2018

Freelance project. I helped with API development, bug fixes, quick project prototyping, and media Mac app. Mac app was able to record the screen and create a mp4 video; or to take simple screenshots. In either case, the media was then uploaded to AWS S3.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Swift, Reactjs, Nodejs, Heroku, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Slack

Snapper Mac Prototype



November 2017 - August 2018

Freelance project. Aided new owner and previous owner during company transition. Worked on fixing bugs, adding new features, and overall day-to-day maintenance.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, oAuth, Stripe, Git, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Github, Heroku, AWS, Docker, Slack



January 2018 - August 2018

Freelance project. Aided in features, bug fixes, and implementing a CI for a test suite.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, Ruby on Rails, oAuth, Git, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Github



October 2017 - December 2017

Software service that would review 1000 lines of code for 9.99$ Call to action was via the video and the promotion website that is listed below. Independent project.

Technologies used to build : Nodejs, Bootstrap, Stripe, Google API, Git, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Cron jobs, Github, DigitalOcean VPS, Gitlab

screenshot screenshot


Youtube Videos

August 2015 - October 2017

Created 540 daily movies about our life and published online while we lived in Ottawa.

Scheduling App

Fall 2016 - May 2017

Web application. A scheduling application for local autodetailing business that was meant to use all of the software engineering skills. Fourth year students are recruited to create real-world software for local businesses. This included bi-weekly meeting with the clients, requirements engineering, technology assessment, design and development, and agile development methodology.

The features of the application included real-time scheduling of business hours, booking appointments, employment schedule management, sales and inventory, permissions and roles.

  • Team Project of 3
  • 9 month from idea to product

Technologies used to build : Ember.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Redis, Sidekiq, Surge.sh, Travis CI, Mobile First Design, Agile Development, Github Project


Fall 2016

Web application. Independent research project. Mobile first design was implemented. Linkedin is saturated for local work and independent contractors. This was meant to be a solution and save time.

A linkedin like application for local businesses and independent contractors. Two environments : one for employees and one for employers. Allowed employees to create a profile that listed their skills and outlined their rates. Allowed employers to recruit and maintain employers using the platform. This would include job assignment and much more.

The codebase was ported from Angularjs to Emberjs. Held weekly meetings with the client in-person to showcase progress.

Technologies used to build : Emberjs, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Travis CI, Heroku, HTML5, CSS3, Agile Development, Github, Git




Web application. At IBM I was tasked with working on the Cognos Analytics product. During my stay at IBM, the product had no keyboard navigation. Thus, my biggest project included adding keyboard navigation for accessibility work across different browsers and environments. This included collaborating with the design team to ensure IBM’s design look and feel. In addition, I did work on accessibility compliance and cross-browser responsiveness. Finally, typical work on bug fixes, unit testing, and regression testing.

I’ve also helped IBM @ Ottawa host hacking health initiative.

Technologies used to build : JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Java, Nodejs, Reviewboard, Slack, IBM Rational Suite



Web application. At Teldio, I joined as a co-op student and then I was employed as a part-time employee. I was tasked with working on their D3M product – a real-time network builder tool. I’ve created a custom tokenizer and parser for PDF documents; worked on AWS S3 uploading and downloading for clients; various feature work; typical bug work and testing.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AWS, Heroku, Marionettejs, Backbonejs

Jekyll Theme

Summer 2015

Solo project. I was extremely excited to see the Google’s Material Design Lite library that I decided to create a theme for Jekyll platform with it.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, Material Design, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Github

First web app

Fall 2014

Solo project. This was my first web-app project built using Ruby on Rails and hosted on Heroku.

Technologies used to build : Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Heroku, Git, Github


Fall 2012 - Fall 2013

Created a store using a wordpress for a local business. Wordpress platform was modified using e-commerce extensions to serve as a e-commerce store. Taught the customer how to use the platform.

Technologies used to build : Wordpress, mootools, mysql, php

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