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Walking Away

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For the past few days, I have been writing on productivity and/or lack of it and I figured I would continue the thought process today.

Sometimes I have a hard time with pausing and walking away from one project when time is up.

I get caught up in the flow of the making process that, when the time comes, it makes switching to a different task appear to be a net negative. This is regardless of what the next task may be. My mind plays this trick on me saying that the flow state will not happen again today. Whereas, I know for a fact that one can get back into the flow state through patience, practice, and repetition.

Why a net negative? I know that if I keep working on a task after the allocated time then I move away from productivity zone into the procrastination zone. I am doing busy work and ignoring work. In the immediate, I become happy to be creating but in the long-term I would prefer to walk away from the project and spend my time differently.

Thus, I sometimes lose productivity by NOT walking away from working on a project. Breaking this rule is O.K. but I have to be aware of consequences.

This becomes challenging when sticking to a strict, self-imposed schedule. I am much better with a fluid schedule that I fill in after the fact. A schedule is supposed to help me plan out my days and not cause anxiety.

I am trying to bring more positivity into my life. I am increasing my positivity by being conscientious about my days. By procrastinating and not walking away from a project, I gain a negative feeling as I reflect on the activities.

To address this hiccup and stick to schedules better, I am trying to be more deliberate in my productivity strategies.

Now, when it is time to take a pause from a task, I note anything that is unfinished as pending items in my global list of tasks. If I have a large task, I write a summary so that recall is better when I re-read it. I know that my future self will thank me for writing things down.

It is okay to take a pause and walk away. There will always be more work.

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