A different archival strategy for pictures on CentOS 7

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I decided to learn about bash scripting in order to encrypt all of my pictures and movies before uploading them. More specifically, I wanted individual encryption and not an encryption of an entire archive of pictures and movies.

This is an exercise in improving my backups. I have a habit of not downloading an entire archive because the size of an archive is typically large. To solve this problem, I want to mimick my entire library by preserving the file structure on a server. However, I wanted to have all of my files encrypted prior to having them uploaded.

I think that by sampling a few files out of an uploaded directory will allow me to speed up my recovery as compared to downloading the entire archive. Therefore, I needed a way to encrypt and decrypt my files.

Goals that I wanted to achieve for encryption:

  • automated
  • password had to be entered as an argument
  • cipher had to be chosen as an argument
  • after encryption all of the file names had to remain original
  • all JPG files had to be encrypted individually
  • every encrypted file had to be saved into /enc/ folder with the original file name

Goals that I wanted to achieve for decryption:

  • automated
  • password and cipher entered as arguments
  • all decrypted files had to maintain its original file name
  • all JPG files decrypted individually
  • every decrypted file had to be saved into /dec/ folder with the original file name

Resources used:

· CentOS 7, openssl, guide

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