Hi Stranger!

My name is Alex.

  • 🏡 and ⚒ in Toronto
  • 💖 Laura
  • working on contract for 🇨🇦

I have two undergraduate degrees and they are complementary. I live in Toronto, Canada. I recently (June 2017) moved here from Ottawa with my fiance. I graduated from University of Ottawa with a Software Engineering Degree. I like Toronto very much.

I am interested in software engineering as a discipline. To prove my dedication, I am in the process of applying and obtaining my P.Eng. I am currently in the EIT stage and I cannot wait to be licensed.

I have a B.A.Sc. in Software Engineering.

I have a B.Sc. in Psychology. My honours thesis was “An fMRI investigation of working memory in chemotherapy-treated breast cancer patients”. I have also taken numerous 2nd and 3rd year Chemistry classes while I was debating my transfer into a software engineering field.

However, once I transfered into software engineering, I have not looked back.

My current interests are in the area of web development. Update (01/2018): My interest may be changing. I am really enjoying Swift but this does not mean that I do not like web stuff.

I believe in the idea of using a tool regardless of the device and operating system. I believe that the user experience for your tool should be identical on all platforms and devices. (I used to have hope and was excited for Progressive Web Apps but not any longer.)

I like knowledge. I try to explore the various branches of knowledge in order to understand our ever-changing world. Also, I find information security and cyber security extremely important. I try follow these topics (and many other) on the daily basis via twitter, hacker news, and other sources.

I am interested in entrepreneurship. Here is a video of my adventures during the Ontario Summer Company 2014 Entrepreneurial Grant:

Ontario Summer Company 2014 Entrepreneurial Grant


Thank you for stumbling upon me and reading this far. If I am looking for a job, then the following information may be useful for you. If I am not, then this is purely here for documentation.

What should you know about me?

  • I like to work
  • I don’t like to waste time (yours or mine)
  • I prefer to ask why not instead of why
  • I chose the software engineering profession for a reason
  • I like to think about software from the initial idea all the way to maintenance stage (or “end” if you like) [psych training surely complements engineering here]

Why should you hire me?

  • I am reliable and honest
  • I listen to feedback and improve based on comments
  • I learn quickly
  • I care

What am I good at?

  • I will find a solution for whatever problem that is at hand or die trying
  • I want everyone to succeed, thus I will provide honest advice
  • I like performing under stress

What am I bad at?

  • sometimes my solutions are complex
  • sometimes I struggle communicating complex ideas in easy to understand and digest words (one of the reasons behind this website 🤪)

What can I do for you?

  • Give me 3 months and some tasks and see where this leads us
  • I promise to give my best shot
  • If it does not work out, no hard feelings

Email Address


Unless otherwise mentioned in the post, those projects are side projects which I work on on weekends and evenings, and are not affiliated with my work or employer.