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Improving Portfolio

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I feel like having your own portfolio on the web is a must for a software craftperson. I think that the old way of not needing a portfolio is not going to last.

If you want to compete for a remote position or have an online business, you need a portfolio of your work and services. The portfolio is a way to show your customer why they should pick you.

What is a portfolio ?

To me, this website is my portfolio.

It is a collection of works and description of those works.


One of the challenges with having the portfolio is knowing what to put on it. After all, the portfolio is a public. Another challenge is to know what level of details to put into the descriptions. Who is the target reader? Does that matter?

For my portfolio, I started it all with a blog. As time went, and I developed skills, I added a projects section. I tried to explain each project via the technologies used, screenshots, and live links. I do not think that my descriptions fit my portfolio anymore. The projects page has become more than a wall of text.


Now, it is time to improve my portfolio and add a case study section. This section will allow me to expand on each project in a systematic way. I will explore examples of case studies and then apply the approach to my projects.

At the moment, I will be incorporating this guide, for emerging designers today, to my website porfolio.

I will be using three one of their checklists

  1. One for the entire website
  2. One for a case study section on the website
  3. One for website presentation

I am excited to be exploring the case study improvement to my portfolio. I plan to do a retro on each of the closed projects and talk about them in depth.


Portfolios are important and work on them never ends. I will be adding case studies. Maybe.

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