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If you are not producing projects, writing, or contributing socially and you are a software person, are you growing? I have been experiencing a bit of FOMO. You see, last year I kind of went on a social diet of sorts and reduced my presence on social platforms. One of the negative outcomes of this, is my lack of output during this time.

Now you see, I have had output at work but that does not satisfy me. I don’t have a thing that I can show or talk about that is interesting on average.

It seems that in this software craftperson field, you need to be methodical about your work plus document it. Plus… plus… you need to showcase it somehow. A portfolio is kind of a must in our software field. At least for now, since I don’t know what the future holds. I mean, architects and artists have a portfolio that they carry and showcase. I suppose, why not software craftpersons as well?

The projects don’t have to be finished or in a perfect state, any state will do well as a showcase of your work. The older I grow, the more happy I am that I keep some of my chaotic work on this domain.

I need to work a bit more to describe the various projects and work that I did throughout the years. I hope that by writing more frequently in this blog I will be more attune with my thought process.

I think I prefer to think of my work as a constant flow of never ending ideas. A stream of consciousness that seems to be the right thing to do at the right time. This space is where I record it.

I will try yet again to be less critical and be more permissive at recording and producing output.

They say that you should not worry and just make for the sake of making. While, that is true … it helps to document that work in THIS field.


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