October 2018 Challenge

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So, I’ve decided to do a few challenges for the month of October:

  • do at least 1 problem on leetcode per day
  • write and publish 1 thing per day

A few minutes ago, I was having a blast while fighting with the following maintenance that I am undergoing for daily vibes:

Xcode decided to not play along

While customers do not care about such background things, I am beginning to see what people mean about upgrade headaches. And, thus, I stopped for today. No more wasting time on lower priority things. I then proceeded to write instead. I wanted to say two things:

  1. I am trying really hard to stay committed to the problem solving challenge. Not going to lie right now — not looking forward to it right now but I am looking forward to looking back at this time and laughing about it.
  2. Writing something every day and then publishing it is, also, not going to be easy. It is an experiment for me that I hope you enjoy whenever you read this. Perhaps, you will see what improvements can occur through deliberate practice in just a few days.

See you tomorrow.

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