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Happy Friday 👋

It is so easy to let this writing to get out of hand even though I promised to write more regularly. I’ve been chugging along with a lot of things since last update.

I am still have trouble understanding how to use TestFlight. I have done quite a bit of work over the past few days and I wanted to release it to the beta testers. However, I am currently stuck in this state:

Stuck on these TestFlights

TestFlight Stuck on Ready to Submit Screen

Basically I am stuck just like this person that wrote TestFlight build on iTunes Connect stuck at ‘Ready to Submit’. I’ve contacted some fellow iOS developers and am now doing what they suggested.

What did I learn from them?

  • every new application version gets a review that you need to go through (which is exactly what is happening now from what I understand). I like semver, so technically this would be a 1.0.2 version. It has been primarily bug fixes and UI changes.
  • every new build, under a reviewed version, does not have to go through this process (apparently). So, this is what I am currently trying:

Trying to make the app live

While, I am waiting for that to go through, I want to debug and figure out what is wrong with 1.0.2.

UPDATE: After writing the original text, the solution did not work. Not sure what I am missing but here is what I’ve done:

TestFlight process

Also, it also seems that information from bullet point #2 is funky. I changed the app back to 1.0.1 and changed build to 2 and, as you can see, the app is still in the “Ready for Submit” state.

I’m going to continue with this and, in mean time, I think I am just going to contact Apple Support.

PS. Yes, I did consult View build status and metrics page and app build statuses page.

I wish Apple would provide more information on this “Ready to Submit” state because this does not really help me at this point in the process 🤕 Why? Because by clicking on this link:

Click on this link

Will bring me to:

Ready to Submit definition from Apple

Which doesn’t really answer how to submit 🤕

So, Daily Vibes is stuck somewhere here:

Daily Vibes is stuck in one of these phases

Cheers, Alex

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