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I have a lot to thank for knowing ruby on rails. I wrote the previous article and it sounds so negative whenever I look at it. However, it is not meant to be that way. I was simply saying that I need a change for personal projects. One of the benefits from learning and using the framework has been learning about the internet. So my entire internet foundation and appreciation for it has been in parallel while working on rails. It is challenging to be looking at new tools and replacements for your familiar workflows.

Just today, instead of learning something new … I spent the time and put my offline Elderoost project back online, and adjusting to heroku. This included uncoupling the database connectors and elasticsearch setup. My previous version ran on a standalone server. However, I don’t have a spare server running anymore (one of the reasons why project is down) so I put it up on heroku. I did not do a full recovery. For demonstration purposes, I put up 2 sample data points. I just wanted it to function and to showcase the software.

You can visit it here https://elderoost.herokuapp.com/. Just give it a moment for heroku to spin up an instance.

It is much more simple and pleasurable to be doing something known, like putting a ruby on rails project on heroku, rather than learning a new language or framework. In the queue I have python, django, and nodejs. I put nodejs last because I am familiar with node and javascript.

I’ve also put up the most recent, version 2, front page for dailyvibes.ca that was offline. I used surge.sh for that. And I also found version 1 of the front page, which I put up on netlify.

Visit version 2 and version 1

In addition, I have registered on upwork, freelancer, and fiver. My current tangible goal is to make 600$ usd extra per month. I think the goal is achievable. I have also reached out to my previous freelance employers. I figured I will have to do some leg work on upwork, freelancer, and fiver before I can achieve that number. I am new on those platforms so we will see how it goes. I heard that if you have good reviews, you will get work. So, I need to get some reviews under my belt.

Current plan of attack : look for projects in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Java, and Swift on each platform. Find a posting that I like. Hit submit a proposal and write a proposal with a link back to this website.

Potential employers will come to this website and see some of my work. So, putting Elderoost, dailyvibes version 2, and dailyvibes version 1 back online wasn’t totally a waste of resources for today =)

links :

  • https://free-for.dev/
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