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Some updates since last post on December 2018

  • not using fastmail – I currently paused on using fastmail for a more affordable namecheap email alternative. It works just fine for now.
  • Took a pause – last year was intense and required me to take a pause. I had a lot of personal issues last year that took time away from all of my previously enjoyed side projects. Thus, I had to put most of them on pause. Taking a pause really threw a wrench in my motivation and my previous velocity.
  • Elderoost - also happens that someone purchased elderoost.com as I paused on the project. Very weird; oh well. All of the data and the actual project is offline. The project currently is currently on pause as I learn django. Goal is to re-write the project using Python.
  • Daily Vibes - I did not repay my Apple’s developer fee so my project is not available from the Apple store any longer. I can show you the project in person if you like. Project is on pause for now. I still have ideas on returning to the project however. I am considering a re-write for version 2 – I will probably pay for the developer fees only as I get closer to production. Been thinking of rewriting in React Native or something cross-platform.
  • daily 15 minutes of reading
  • daily 30 minutes of software
  • being deliberate about daily practice
  • building better habbits

Attacking weaknesses

For me, the best way to attack my weaknesses is to, first, identify them. Sometimes this takes a lot of effort because you need to be systematic about your days. Best way to record and identify this is to use a diary or a journal. I am currently attacking my two weaknesses that I want to be more productive in :

  1. regular software / programming and
  2. regular reading.

I am reading for at least 15 minutes per day. I am doing a 30 minutes a day programming activity. At this moment, I am learning python language and django framework. I hope to move on to 30 minutes a day of regular programming. I will then move on to the competitive programming to get ready for interviews. However, I am hoping to acquire new skills such that I would be ready for future interviews on a shorter schedule. Current timeline, goal is to be ready for summer.

Some recent excerpts from the Flow Book :

Without the goal and the challenges usually provided by a job, only a rare self-discipline can keep the mind focused intensely enough to insure a meaningful life.

When spending time at home with the fam­ily or alone, people often lack a clear purpose, do not know how well they are doing, are distracted, feel that their skills are underutilized, and as a result feel bored or-more rarely anxious.

In our ESM studies we find that even physical health is better when a person focuses on a goal. On weekends, when alone, and with nothing to do, people report more symptoms of illness.

In other words, each of the flow-producing activities requires an initial investment of attention before it begins to be enjoyable.

When productive activities become too routine and meaningless, leisure will pick up the slack. It will take up progressively more time, and rely on in­creasingly more elaborate artificial stimulation.


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